Located in a charming historic building on the border of Santa Monica and Brentwood, California, L'Ami Restaurant (former Little Door) boasts a unique charm and characteristic with a romantic atmosphere and high quality French-Mediterranean cousin.

Parisian owner Marc-Antoine Rambaud, wishes to invite customers to his restaurant as if it were his home, transporting them to the Mediterranean, with open-air terraces, arched passageways, and blue painted ceilings.

The 4,500-square-foot space, inspired in St. Tropez summers, counts with two beautiful outdoor terraces surrounded by a variety of plants and dimly lit rooms, as well as a warm and inviting bar with a fireplace and white shearing covered bar chairs, the perfect place to enjoy a drink with a date or to have cocktails with a group of friends. Ideal for casual after-work gatherings, weekend brunch under the sun, romantic dates under the stars or a private celebration, with indoor/outdoor options, seating a total of 145.

The menu is a combination of Marc-Antoine's childhood culinary experience and the influence of French born chef Francis Bey, leader of the culinary team (former executive chef and owner at Lilly's French Restaurant on Abbott Kinney). A menu that highlights fresh, seasonal, organic ingredients with a modern twist.

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