Lamb Weston provides operators with the ability to know where the potatoes that became their fries originated and share that information with patrons.

A growing number of consumers want to know where their food comes from. A recent study noted that 65 percent of consumers indicated that knowing where their food comes from is of high importance and 72 percent of Millennials believe they should learn more about the food they are consuming.

Lamb Weston’s new website solution,, brings operators together with the information they need, allowing the operator to be more transparent with their patrons about one of the top selling items on the menu.

“We’re helping our customers tell the story of their fries, and it all starts with the potato”, says Ashley James, director of strategy for agriculture services at Lamb Weston. “The farmers we work with take great pride in growing our high quality potatoes and we are excited to share their story with our customers.”

First into the frozen foodservice marketplace with this exciting initiative, Lamb Weston helps operators build credibility and enhance relationships with their patrons by offering the unique opportunity to trace their fries back to one of five growing regions.

Using a code found on Lamb Weston branded fries, customers can visit the website to see the area that the potatoes in their fries come from, along with some of the farmers who grow those potatoes. Operators can then share this story with their patrons in a multitude of ways, including point of purchase merchandizing elements.

Lamb Weston potatoes are grown across five regions in the U.S. and Canada, each featuring the ideal combination of soil, sun, water, and temperature for growing great potatoes. Lamb Weston’s grower partners are dedicated family farmers that place a high emphasis on sustainability and land stewardship, along with a deep commitment to growing safe and delicious potatoes.

As a collaborative partner, Lamb Weston shares resources that will help customers grow their business. The Trace My Fries initiative is but one example of how Lamb Weston leverages insights and innovation to help operators respond to dynamic patron demands.

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