The dry-aging process, a hot new culinary trend, is first of its kind on the Las Vegas Strip.

Lakeside at Wynn Las Vegas has introduced a unique dry-aged fish program to its extensive seafood menu, a first-of-its-kind offering on the Las Vegas Strip. Building upon age-old food traditions, Lakeside’s Executive Chef, David Middleton, in collaboration with Wynn’s Vice President of Culinary Operations and Development, Chef Christopher Lee, created the restaurant’s in-house program, which deepens the natural flavors while adding a rich, buttery texture to the fish.

“Our program is an ode to the ancient tradition of dry-aging fish seen throughout global cultures,” said Chef Middleton. “Through experimentation with timing, temperature and humidity, we have perfected our own dry-aging technique and are happy to offer guests a truly unique and delicious dish.”

“In keeping true to Wynn’s core value of being progressive, we encourage our culinary team to push the envelope of innovation and continuously elevate the experiences we create at our venues,” added Chef Lee. “Lakeside’s dry-aged fish program is a result of Chef Middleton’s curiosity, ingenuity and commitment to providing exceptional moments.”

Similar to dry-aging meat, Lakeside’s method removes the water content from the protein, enriching the concentration of fat within and allowing the fish to become more tender. To obtain the ideal taste and texture, Chef Middleton and his team dry age their fish for seven to 10 days at 34 degrees with Himalayan salt blocks in the base of the locker.

As the only restaurant at Wynn to offer this unique program, Lakeside serves the 14 oz. Dry-Aged Bigeye Tuna Chop, grilled over applewood and served with a ginger-soy glaze finished with yuzu, which showcases the distinct flavor and texture created through dry-aging. Guests can expect to see additional dry-aged fish dishes on Lakeside’s menu in the coming months, as Chef Middleton continues to refine his process for dry-aging other types of fish.

Lakeside is open Sunday – Thursday 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday – Saturday 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

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