Kredit Karte, the only payment processing company to guarantee businesses of all sizes the lowest credit card processing rates and no hidden fees, today announced the official launch of the company’s transparent merchant credit card processing, guaranteeing the lowest credit card processing rates and no hidden fees. Kredit Karte enables merchants of all sizes – from corporate B2B clients to brick and mortar businesses or online merchants of any size – to benefit from low credit card processing rates, ultimately saving customers thousands of dollars.

Kredit Karte saves customers 30 – 70 percent on credit card processing, offering the lowest rates to merchants with the company’s fixed 30/10/10 method.

  • 0.3 percent over the interchange percentage
  • 10 cents over the interchange per transaction cost
  • $10 monthly statement fee

In addition to offering businesses of all size the lowest credit card processing rates, Kredit Karte saves merchants money by promising no hidden fees, no contract term, no application fee, no termination fees and by providing equipment, if needed, at cost. All merchant accounts have access to Kredit Karte’s online portfolio management system, delivering instant access to daily transactions. With Kredit Karte’s merchant processing, customers are able to accept electronic payments including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Carte Blanche, Diner’s Club, Gift Cards, Electronic Checks, and EBT.

“Kredit Karte’s transparent pricing is the solution for merchants of all sizes that are tired of paying too much for credit card processing and being taken advantage of with hidden fees and insane contract terms,” says Mark Stoss, CEO, Kredit Karte. “Our goal is to be completely honest and fair with our real costs and margins. We charge our clients a minimal margin over the interchange from the major credit cards and guarantee no hidden fees or charges.”

The application process for a merchant account is quick and efficient and uses a safe system. Applications can be submitted with Kredit Karte’s online merchant application or via telephone with a Kredit Karte dedicated account manager. Accounts are setup within 24 hours.

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