In January 2012, Kraft Foodservice launched the YES Pack, a game-changing dressings package designed to deliver unprecedented yield, superior ease, and improved sustainability. A year later, the KRAFT YES Pack – which stands for Yield, Ease and Sustainability – has become a back-of-house favorite within the foodservice industry.

Designed to help operators manage costs and optimize back-of-house efficiencies, the innovative KRAFT YES Pack can yield up to 99 percent of the dressing inside and avoid the messy scraping and dangerous cutting that is often associated with traditional one-gallon jugs. 

“It’s a real time saver. It's very clean and easy to use,” says Todd Ohle, food and beverage director of The Cypress of Raleigh, a senior living community in North Carolina. "My staff is really happy with the YES Pack.”

The KRAFT YES Pack has become very popular among foodservice operators who appreciate the ease and sustainability of the unique eco-friendly design. Top and bottom handles on the package provide faster and more accurate pouring with reduced spillage while the flexible design reduces solid waste and costs associated with waste removal.

"The YES Pack is much easier to pour into smaller containers with much less waste,” says Dana Burton, director of food services for the Penn Yan School District in New York. “You can get everything out of the YES Pack. The staff really likes to use it because it’s so easy to pour and easy to recycle."

The KRAFT YES Pack is available in a 4/1-gallon case, which is the ideal size to meet the demands of medium to high-volume operators; and in a 2/1-gallon case which meets the need of low to medium-volume operations. The YES Pack provides foodservice operators with the delicious KRAFT Dressings their customers rely on day-to-day in a more efficient, space-saving package.

“There is nothing not to like about the YES Pack,” says John Kirk, vice president of pperations for Jackie’s International, Inc. Restaurant Division, a Mississippi-based hospitality company. “It's really easy to handle and the product stays fresher longer. We don’t ever want to use the jugs again."

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