The Kout Food Group announced the strategic partnership in the deployment of GetSwift platform named CDM “Central Delivery Management” across the delivery Segment in its portfolio of companies encompassing the brands Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Burger King and Kababji among others.

The Deputy CEO of Kout Food Group Amin Mohamed commented that the vision and goal of Kout is to provide its customers with superior in quality food and services. In this endeavor it is imperative for us to deploy best in class solutions that take into account the unique challenges we anticipate in delivery segment in the future. The teams worked hand in hand designing a world class platform enabling Wow customer experience with features such as: Cash management, driver incentives, workforce scheduling / management, driver pooling, deeper business intelligence/analytics, as well as dispatching & routing algorithms that are unique to each trade zone. I can categorically state that not only do we now have a flexible and continually evolving platform that is best in class and fully supported by a dedicated, passionate and trustworthy partner in GSW management, we have fully committed team to enhance its platform to offer unique solutions which brings in qualitative differentiation and technological advancement. We have recommended and suggested GSW solution to partners around the globe and this could be their preferred solution.

Bane Hunter the CEO of GSW says, “Although this has been a lengthier journey than expected, we are honored and humbled by the trust and faith our partners at Kout Food Group have given us during a period of time that was challenging for GSW due to external pressures. It was a special moment the day the Kout executives flew into New York to visit us in person and see with their own eyes what we and our platform and we were all about. We both agreed that our joint success will be created not only through technology, but with an unwavering passion and strength of conviction of all teams working as one to deliver the outcomes customers expect. This joint product knowledge coming together to create a unique evolving product suite, is what separates and makes us better than any of our competitors. We don’t see ourselves as a vendor nor are we seen as just a vendor by our colleagues at Kout, but part of one larger global team working towards common goals. There are many more executives that could be mentioned that have had a part and are still contributing to create this success and we want to thank them all. We look forward to the next chapter in our global story.”

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