Kontos Foods, a U.S.-based manufacturer and distributor of traditional Greek and Mediterranean foods, exhibited its entire range of offerings, including its Flatbread and Fillo products, at the SIAL Canada International Food & Beverage Tradeshow in Toronto, Canada from April 28-30.

“Our business growth in Canada has been tremendous over the last 18 months as a direct result of participating in this type of tradeshow, and the strong relationships we’ve built throughout the country,” says Steve Kontos, vice president of Kontos Foods. “Kontos Foods’ brokers and distributors, particularly those from the Toronto and Montreal areas, will also be on hand to address customer enquiries for their territories. We’re greatly looking forward to continued collaboration with them and with our customers in the region.”

Visitors to Kontos Foods’ booth saw more than 50 varieties of Flatbreads, Fillo pastry products such as Baklava and Nut Rolls, and ready-made Fillo dough for home baking. Flatbreads on display included Kontos Foods’ top-selling Pocket-Less Pita, the traditional pita of the Eastern Mediterranean; Greek Lifestyle Flatbread, which has twice as much protein, half the carbohydrates, and fewer calories and sugar than other flatbreads; and mini Cocktail Flatbreads for snacks and appetizers. Show attendees also saw Kontos’ Panini breads, Indian and Asian Nans, Lavash bread, and more.

Kontos Foods, whose founder pioneered the mass production and commercialization of Fillo dough in North America several decades ago, exhibited Fillo of varying thicknesses for foodservice and home baking. Also on display was Kataifi dough, finely spun strands of dough that add flair to seafood and dessert dishes.

SIAL Canada is the only event of its size in the country, bringing together more than 800 national and international exhibitors from 45 countries and welcoming more than 14,000 buyers from Canada, the United States and 64 other countries.

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