Kenyetta Carter of The Kingfish Café was a busy chef Tuesday, July 10, in Seattle as she brought the Southern-inspired food of the popular Capitol Hill neighborhood restaurant to Coyote Central and raised $2,000 in the process.   

Prepping at the Kingfish, she transported a three-course meal to the organization’s new teaching kitchen, where she plated dinner for 40 guests, as part of the youth art space’s recently launched monthly Guest Chef Tuesday program. 

Chef Carter’s menu began with a luscious marinated watermelon, tomato, and mint salad, followed by an entrée of juicy roasted game hen, grilled corn salad, and grilled bok choy. 

Guests greeted Kingfish Pastry Chef Violette Tucker’s summer strawberry and peach cobbler topped with whipped cream and fresh berries with oohs and aahs. Presented in individual glass canning jars, one guest proclaimed loudly that she could have eaten all 40 servings.

Coyote Central recruits professionals from creative fields to share their talents and workplaces with adolescents, opening up a world of possibility to young minds. Founded in 1986 and headquartered at 2300 East Cherry, Coyote Central helps build kid’s confidence and competence through the arts.

All of the evening’s proceeds benefit Coyote’s programs and scholarships. The monthly dinners which each feature a different chef are open to the public and can be purchased online.

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