Kinetic12 consulting has announced the launch of its Emergence Operator Group, which consists of more than 75 relevant, emerging restaurant and growth chains between 20 and 400 units in size.

Emerging restaurant and growth chains are redefining the industry because of their entrepreneurial culture combined with their unique and compelling menus and business models that have captured consumer interest. Suppliers are eager to learn more about the needs of these chains and understand how to grow their business with them.

Based on surveys and interviews with these chains, Kinetic12 will publish comprehensive quarterly reports to provide foodservice suppliers, distributors, agencies, and private equity firms with insights on how to tailor their go-to-market messaging, innovation, analysis and selling efforts. The company also plans to run regional roundtable meetings where operators and suppliers can connect and interact in a different format than a traditional sales meeting.

“We are excited to have published our first Emergence report this March and to help our clients better understand and grow their sales to this influential group of restaurant chains,” said Tim Hand, partner at Kinetic12 consulting. “We now have senior leaders at more than 75 emerging chains who have committed to being part of this important effort.”

The first report covers more than a dozen topics and explores facts such as:

  • 72 percent of chains identified the high cost of delivery as a top business issue
  • The #1 area of innovation investment is optimizing take-out and delivery packaging
  • The top issues around labor are three-fold: cost reduction & management, finding good people and improving employee engagement

“The response to Emergence has been tremendous from both the suppliers and the chains.  There is a strong interest from both sides in collaborating as suppliers often possess unique capabilities that can help address the needs of these operators,” says Bruce Reinstein, a partner at Kinetic12. “This first set of survey results are especially important because they give us an inside look into how operators are facing the future and the areas of concern they are choosing to address.”

Additionally, restaurant industry suppliers can subscribe to Emergence and will receive four quarterly reports and access to ongoing collaboration events.  The next report comes out in June 2021. New chains between 40 and 400 units are also welcome to join.

Kinetic12 partners are regularly featured speakers at operator, supplier and industry conferences.  Contact Tim Hand at, or Bruce Reinstein at for more information.

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