The Sustainable Business Leadership Council met earlier this month to review opportunities and options, challenges and changes for the food and foodservice industry, and to plan the 2016 Menus of Change leadership summit that will be held at The Culinary Institute of America’s Hyde Park campus from June 14–16. The four topics they identified as most timely and impactful and that will provide the foundation for the 2016 conference are:

Antibiotic Use in Food Production. They will provide an update on the science and policy developments, along with industry case studies and practical advice from experts on how foodservice operators can phase out antibiotic use in the supply chain.

Fish, Seafood, and Oceans. What are the new industry standards and how do we insure global supply-chain transparency? From a culinary perspective, what are the untapped opportunities for introducing diners to a greater variety of delicious preparations and types of seafood?

Plant-Forward Menus. Continuing to define the business case for plant-forward eating as it relates to climate and water, speakers, guest chefs, and panelists will present strategies to reduce meat on menus—addressing the triple bottom line [people, planet, and profit] in innovative, craveable ways.

Investor Attitudes. What do the changing expectations in the investor community around issues of environment and social governance mean for food and foodservice companies?

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