Organic product sales have grown over the last several years, and consumer demand for clean label, real-ingredient food is on the rise. Kellogg introduced new Pure Organic Bars to allow operators to deliver a great taste that meets customers’ need for clean, good-for-you snacking.

Pure Organic Bars were first created by a resourceful mom in response to a difficult challenge—offering her vegetarian daughter a nutritious and delicious snack. Dissatisfied with the limited selection of nutritious snacks found in-store, she decided to make her own organic snacks at home. Following hundreds of hours of testing and dozens of friends and family taste-tests, her recipes were perfected and Pure Organic Bars were born.

“Pure Organic was inspired by the desire to feed my child the right foods,” says Veronica Bosgraaf, creator of Pure Organic Bars. “Like all moms, I struggled to find delicious, convenient snacks for my daughter’s lunch box, so we decided to create our own. We used only real organic fruits, nuts and spices. No refined sugars, no chemicals and nothing genetically-modified. But most importantly, it had to taste amazing. We soon realized that there were people of all ages searching for solutions that fit a simpler, healthier lifestyle. So, I created the Pure Organic bar.”

Pure Organic Bars have since moved out of the Holland, Mich. kitchen where they were first created, and they now represent a convenient, delicious snack for health-conscious consumers across the U.S.

Each bar is made with wholesome, organic ingredients—USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan and gluten-free. Pure Organic features delicious recipes from recognizable natural ingredients, such as fruits, nuts and whole grains. Available in a variety of Fruit & Nut and Ancient Grains varieties, each bar is 200 calories or less and contains 2-4 grams of fiber.

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