Jungsik, the two-Michelin-starred New Korean Restaurant in Tribeca, announced Yoonjung Oh as the new Executive Pastry Chef.

Chef Yoonjung studied at The Culinary Institute of America and held an externship at two-Michelin-starred Aquavit and began working there full time upon her graduation. She then joined the team at Jungsik in 2017 where she became the Pastry Sous Chef in less than six months after and worked under former Executive Pastry Chef Eunji Lee for more than three years.

Chef Yoonjung knew that she wanted to be a pastry chef from a young age after she recognized that good desserts have the immense power to become memories, not only due to their sweet taste and beautiful designs but because of the moments in which desserts are shared. She decided to devote her studies to the art of pastry making after studying abroad in America as it provided her with an opportunity to write her own story.

In creating desserts, Chef Yoonjung sees an opportunity to become an artist, using edible components to design dishes that are both delicious and aesthetic. Taking the reins as Jungsik’s new Executive Pastry Chef, she brings her creativity and artistic flair to the forefront, adding her mark to Jungsik’s acclaimed menu with her first dessert creation: Charcoal and Corn, a grilled corn dessert with corn ice cream, corn cream, Doenjang caramel, caramelized sable, brown butter crumble, lime zest, and Parmesan cheese. The dessert is plated as charcoal shaped pieces on the left and ice cream on the right to evoke rustic and camping memories from seeing the charcoal on the plate and from the smoky smell.

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