JUICER announced that bartaco, a 29-unit full-service restaurant chain, experienced a six-digit jump in delivery revenue in 2023 as a direct result of JUICER’s real-time restaurant revenue management solution.  The announcement comes as the restaurant industry faces uncertainty surrounding current menu prices and their impact on consumer spending and loyalty.

“JUICER’s results are impressive given that for the first half of 2023 they were only managing delivery prices in 5 locations and with a very limited number of menu items,” says Scott Lawton, CEO of bartaco. “We’ve now implemented JUICER system-wide as they have demonstrated that their data-driven approach to menu pricing and measuring consumer price sensitivity is far more effective than our own methods.”

“We are so grateful for pioneer restaurant groups like bartaco that are willing to take calculated risks early on that will move the entire industry forward,” adds Ashwin Kamlani, JUICER’s Co-Founder & CEO. “We delivered a 5x ROI to bartaco last year and results in 2024 are forecast to be significantly greater as we handle all menu items across all locations and in more channels.”

Both bartaco and JUICER stated that the results of their joint efforts exceeded their expectations in 2023.  Incremental revenue has steadily grown since JUICER’s implementation, reaching a record high in December. JUICER’s approach to digital menu prices favors precision per menu item, per channel, per location, per hour, enabling bartaco to make a significant positive bottom-line impact while simultaneously protecting consumer sentiment and brand loyalty.

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