Journee, a community for restaurant professionals, announced a new series “At the Pass” launching April 11. Featuring a TED-talk style platform, Journee will host speakers who will present different perspectives on an important topic. Twice a month, four special guests will be invited to give a 15-minute talk, discussing solutions around a single theme. To kick off the series, Journee has asked speakers to discuss their “Worst. Decision. Ever.” The goal is to have hospitality professionals open up about how they overcame the worst decision they ever made and how it influenced the way they operate today.  

“At the Pass” is named after the essential point of contact where kitchen and dining room meet, collaborate, and make their ideas a reality. Bringing together diverse perspectives on a particular subject, the series is designed to encourage the sharing of deeply personal opinions and insights from the speakers. “Our goal with Journee is to eliminate competition in our industry, and instead bring people together in order to better succeed,” says founder Anthony Rudolf. “There is no better way for our members to gain perspective on a topic than through the learnings and opinions of their industry peers, and we are honored to provide a setting for them to do so.” 

Calendar of Events and Upcoming Speakers:

Kick-off Event:

  • April 11 and 25: Worst. Decision. Ever.
  • Anthony Rudolf, Founder Journee
  • Missy Robbins, Chef/Owner Lilia
  • Jenny Goodman & Alex McCrery, Founders Tilit
  • Jordan Salcito, Beverage Director, Momofuku and Founder Bellus Wines

Upcoming Dates and Topics:

  • May 9 and 23:Transitions
  • June 13 and 27: Family
  • July 11 and 25: Health & Addiction
  • August 8 and 22: Diversity
  • September 12 and 26: Politics

Upcoming Speakers:

  • Justin Bazdarich, Chef/Owner, Speedy Romeo
  • Abram Bissell, Executive Chef, The Modern
  • Tom Colicchio, Chef/Owner, Crafted Hospitality
  • Kate Edwards, Founder, Kate Edwards Consulting
  • Ben Fileccia, Director of Operations, Sbraga Restaurant Group
  • Chris Jaeckle, Proprietor/Chef, All’onda, Chef/Owner, Uma Temakeria
  • Gavin Kaysen, Owner, Spoon and Stable
  • Kat Kinsman, Editor at Large, Tasting Table
  • Amanda Kludt, Editor-in-Chief,
  • Sam Lipp, Managing Partner, Union Square Cafe
  • Donnie Madia, Restaurateur and Owner, One Off Hospitality Group
  • Charles Masson, Formerly of La Grenouille
  • Jessamyn Rodriguez, Founder, Hot Bread Kitchen
  • Bryce Shuman, Executive Chef, Betony
  • Gail Simmons, Food Writer/TV Personality
  • Brett Traussi, Chief Operating Officer, The Dinex Group
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