Jones Dairy Farm, a leader in all natural raw and pre-cooked breakfast sausage for the foodservice industry, has added Dry-Aged & Naturally Smoked Slab Style Half-Inch Bacon Slices to their extensive foodservice offerings, said Bryon Coleman, Jones Dairy Farm Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Jones Dairy Farm’s new pre-sliced slab style cut bacon is the perfect addition to any menu when standard bacon just won’t do. The half-inch thick slices are conveniently laid out for ease of preparation, to help control portion cost and to ensure consistency from slice to slice. Whether grilled and glazed and served on skewers as a featured appetizer or bar bite; added to a gourmet sandwich, salad or pasta entrée; or the star ingredient in a breakfast wrap, omelet or skillet, Jones Slab Style Half-Inch Bacon does not disappoint. 

Jones Bacon is made from fresh, specially trimmed center-cut pork bellies that are never frozen. Center cut means it’s a leaner, meatier section of the pork belly. The bacon is then cured using a family crafted brine that is blended onsite, then naturally smoked in small batches over hickory for up to 12 hours. Injected or sprayed-on liquid smoke are never used. Jones also utilizes a unique, custom dry aging process that can take weeks, allowing the bacon to intensify its robust flavor. The slabs are then sliced and hand trimmed in half-inch slices for convenience.    

“Foodservice operators and chefs are going to absolutely love this premium bacon,” says Coleman. “It’s a great-tasting, versatile product that fits all of their bacon needs.”

Still 100 percent family owned and operated, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin-based Jones Dairy Farm is committed to the same fundamental principles today as when the company was founded six generations ago. Although best known as a leader in all natural breakfast sausage for the foodservice industry, Jones Dairy Farm also offers operators Naturally Smoked hams, Naturally Smoked Center-Cut Dry-Aged Bacon and more.

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