Shared power bank industry leader chargeFUZE announced today that hospitality expert and star of “Bar Rescue” (Paramount Network) Jon Taffer has teamed up with the company to advise and help promote the benefits their innovative phone charging stations can bring to the bar and restaurant industry. chargeFUZE is the industry leader paving the shared power bank landscape with a charging solution for customers that not only elevates the guest experience, but also provides for an increased revenue opportunity for businesses.

“We’ve all had low-battery anxiety. You are at a dinner and your phone battery is about to disconnect you from your outside world. Guest experience is paramount when it comes to food and beverage establishments, and we have seen chargeFUZE enhance the guest experience by providing a much needed service and consistently increase consumer dwell time, which can lead to additional revenue opportunities. Bars and restaurants need chargeFUZE,” says Taffer.

chargeFUZE has heavily emerged on the scene over the last 18 months, garnering large-scale enterprise adoption in the sharable power bank space. chargeFUZE’s kiosks, which are equipped with shared power banks are offered across a vast majority of industry’s, from bars & restaurants, sports, hospitality, entertainment, lifestyle retail, healthcare, gaming, and more. They are aiming to create cross-industry ubiquity in offering their innovative utility to guests anywhere they go by allowing them to rent high speed portable phone chargers from any of their autonomous phone charging stations; enabling them to charge their phones while keeping their device in their possession.

Taffer went on to say “In order to keep patrons happy, engaged, and coming back for future dining experiences, businesses need to perfect all aspects of their customer experience. Everything matters. chargeFUZE allows patrons to remain comfortable without compromising their experience.”

chargeFUZE currently offers their service in thousands of venues nationally and is growing rapidly month over month. Currently, they power over 50% of professional sports venues in the U.S. and work with some of the largest venue operators, retailers, and food and beverage establishments, including Westfield Malls, Simon Property Group, ASM Global, Oak View Group, Live Nation Entertainment, and many more.

Co-founder Ryan Levy says, “Aligning with Jon just makes sense. It’s obvious. As market ubiquity and consumer expectation for chargeFUZE remain our over-arching goals, we need to continue redlining market penetration. Jon’s expertise in localized bars and restaurants will only help accelerate an already fast-growing vertical in our business.”

Brandon Afari, chargeFUZE co-founder, adds, “We’ve seen that bars and restaurants who offer their guests chargeFUZE not only drive additional revenue to their business via chargeFUZE itself, but also by keeping guests on site longer and spending more. Working on both enterprise and localized approaches to scale our out-of-home phone charging network are equally meaningful when it comes to shaping consumer behavior to rely on chargeFUZE. We have already started to see consumer expectation change with venues that offer chargeFUZE, and we are now starting to see it with smaller localized bars and restaurants. We can’t think of a better partner for us than Jon, given his reach and expertise in the food and beverage space.”

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