Johnny Carino’s, the family-owned restaurant group, is thrilled to announce the expansion of their gluten-free menu to 23 items, which includes items from their kid’s menu. With the popularity of their past gluten-free ordering options and the rapid growth of the movement, Johnny Carino’s is introducing gluten-free versions of fan favorites like the Skilletini and Spicy Shrimp and Chicken. Johnny Carino’s is partnering with Udi’s Gluten Free Foods, the number one gluten-free brand in the U.S., to be able to provide certified gluten- free pizza crusts to their guests. Johnny Carino’s and Udi’s are both committed to making safe, gluten-free food available without compromising taste. With this new partnership, Johnny Carino’s is a leader in the area of gluten-free offerings.

“In this exciting partnership with Johnny Carino’s, Udi’s will help provide delicious, high-quality gluten free meal options, so everyone can enjoy dining out without restriction,” says Denise Sirovatka, Udi’s vice president of Marketing. “Since enjoying a restaurant meal with family and friends is all about bringing people together, we’re thrilled that no one will feel left out of the dining experience.”

The new Johnny Carino’s gluten-free menu has been confirmed by Analytical Food Laboratories as meeting FDA guidelines to be considered gluten-free. This extensive process took place under the guidance of vice president of Culinary Development Chris Peitersen.

“I developed the new recipes by utilizing gluten-free ingredients, consulting nutritional experts, and working in conjunction with Analytical Food Laboratories to conduct the actual scientific testing of the menu items,” says Peitersen, who started with the company as a line cook at the very first Johnny Carino’s in 1995. Creating gluten-free zones in Johnny Carino’s kitchens and using separate utensils for handling dishes are just some of the steps Johnny Carino’s has taken to prepare their new menu items. Early guest feedback has been positive, “The goal for us is to provide extensive and dynamic gluten-free offerings, so regardless of your relationship with gluten, you can enjoy the best of Johnny Carino’s,” Peitersen says. The new gluten-free menu items are now available at all participating restaurants nationwide. 

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