John Howie Steak Bar Manager David Chou has just unveiled a hip twist on a true classic: the Barrel Aged Bravern Manhattan. The cocktail features ri 1 rye whiskey, Cynar artichoke liqueur, dry vermouth, peach bitters, and Luxardo maraschino liqueur, and is priced at $16. 

The first in a line of new drink concepts being introduced in the steakhouse’s lounge, Chou began the barrel-aging program in January of this year. An innovative concept on the cocktail scene, oak aging melds the flavors, which gives the drink a well-balanced, smooth feel on the palate. 

“We chose this drink because of the complexity of ingredients,” Chou says. “The aging process has helped mellow out the heat of the rye whiskey and heightened the sweet element from the maraschino, all the while adding a touch of smoke to the nose. This drink will be offered for a limited time because we have such a small quantity.”

Guests can still order the Bravern Manhattan without barrel aging for $15. Ordering the two side by side for comparison is recommended.

John Howie Steak is located at 11111 NE 8th Street, Suite 125, Bellevue, Washington, in The Shops at The Bravern. For information call (425) 440-0880 or go to

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