Jitjatjo, the on-demand platform that provides instant, intelligently matched, temporary staffing, creating time saving staffing solutions for businesses and talent in the hospitality sector, is excited to announce the public launch of its mobile application. Everyday, managers and owners throughout the food and beverage sector are in constant need of more flexible resourcing to align with fluctuations in demand, no-shows, and call-outs. Jitjatjo believes that in the hospitality industry “It’s About Time,” so in less than 30 seconds, Jitjatjo’s technology platform can fill staffing voids with fully vetted and highly skilled workers that will arrive on location in as quickly as one hour. Additionally, the app handles all human resources requirements including interviews, background checks, tax forms, performance reviews, timekeeping, and payroll, removing time consuming manual processes. This allows hospitality operators to focus on their customers and building their business.

The application was created by longtime hospitality veteran Ron McCulloch, who found that a common pain point for him during his time in the industry was the recurring turnover and last minute worker no-shows. Finding someone to fill those spots quickly proved to be a difficult, almost impossible task, with traditional temp agencies lacking the talent and timeliness necessary for the industry.

“Today marks the launch of our innovative product for hospitality operators, one we are confident will become an amazing utility for the industry,” says Jitjatjo chairman Ron McCulloch. “We’re proud to be helping the thousands of restaurants, bars, hotels and venues often in dire need of last minute help, and also providing employment opportunities  to the 4.8 percent of New York City residents who face unemployment. With the fast growing gig economy, Jitjatjo sees the opportunity to provide the industry with a mobile application to source perfectly matched temporary staff in seconds.”

The application is incredibly efficient and effective. When a restaurant, bar, or venue requests assistance through the app, Jitjatjo handles the entire process, from hiring through to payroll. With a 24/7 supply of trusted, pre-vetted, and experienced staff on hand, businesses can have additional staff on premise, down to one hour’s notice. In beta, the application was opened to a select group of clients including The Breslin, Tao Group, Paige Hospitality, NY Catering, and Interface NYC.

“Jitjatjo is really cool,” says Interface NYC Proprietor Anthony Briatico. “We are constantly adapting to staffing issues. Jitjatjo has become our go-to solution because of its unparalleled customer service and punctual, professional, well-groomed servers. Plus, Jitjatjo saves us significant time by handling all of the human resources from interviews to payroll. I love it and would recommend it to anyone in the industry.”

Additionally, the app has been available to a select group of talent. Just like Uber, these individuals are free to turn the app on and off whenever they would like to pick up a shift. Upon completion of the shift, they can choose the instant payment option and of course, update their availability to get another job if they so choose.

“Jitjatjo makes it incredibly simple to set availability as well as keep an active log of both past and future gigs including all of my payment records,” adds Alicia Espinal. “No staffing company I’ve worked with has been able to effectively organize these elements seamlessly, or in an app at all. Jitjatjo is definitely the future in terms of ease and accountability for employers and employees alike. Plus, with instant pay, I get my money as soon as I clock out.”

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