JINYA Ramen Bar announced a new franchise signing in Henderson, Nevada. The agreement is with an experienced restaurant operator who is a multi-unit operator with other brands.

While this location is a new market for the ramen restaurant, it joins two existing Nevada locations on the Las Vegas strip. The restaurant, known for its broth that simmers for 10 hours, giving each bowl of ramen a savory, sweet, umami flavor, is now expanding in all areas, as the concept has proven successful in a variety of geographic and commercial locations.

The Henderson location is situated at 107040 S. Eastern Ave. and is expected to open in the first half of 2020.

“We are thrilled that a restaurateur with decades of experience has joined JINYA Ramen Bar. They’ve seen firsthand how customers positively react to the lively atmosphere and authentic, mouthwatering food,” says Tomo Takahashi, founder of JINYA. “JINYA and our newest franchisees anticipate the same passion from guests and business success in Henderson.”

The ramen-centric menus at all three new locations will feature hand-made ramen noodles, 13 signature bowls, five kinds of broth and 25-plus toppings. Favorites include Spicy Chicken Ramen, Tonkotsu Black and Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen. Locals and students alike in Henderson will want to work their way through the menu including tasteful tapas (including the famed JINYA Bun) to enjoy on the side.

JINYA Ramen Bar is built to elevate the guest’s experience and standard for authentic ramen. Guests will be met with a warm and inviting atmosphere that is fused with traditional Japanese culture and modern sensibilities. The new locations will exhibit a sleek and contemporary design complete with wood paneled dining rooms and outdoor patios that provide a spacious amount of seating.

JINYA Ramen Bar was named after the gathering place in a traditional Japanese village, where people would meet with the samurai. That same community gathering spot is what the new franchisee aspires to bring to Henderson.

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