JINYA Ramen Bar is joining forces with Placer.ai to elevate its real estate site selection efforts and gain greater insight on where customers live, eat and shop.

Placer.ai is a software program that empowers private and public organizations to make better decisions by helping them understand what’s really happening in the physical world. 

“We are really excited to partner with Placer.ai,” says JINYA Ramen Bar Founder Tomo Takahashi. “We hope to gain a better understanding of who our ramen loving fans are so we can target development in their areas and provide them with the best JINYA experience.”

The acclaimed Japanese ramen restaurant’s new partnership will give JINYA the opportunity to use the software for site selection and identifying trade areas that align with its core customer. JINYA will also be able to dive into psychographics, analyze cannibalization studies to ensure locations are not competing with each other and evaluate sites when determining multiple locations in a single trade area. Placer.ai’s predictive sales tool will equate to better forecasting.

“At Placer.ai, our software is programmed with many different tools to identify consumer insights and visit trends,” says Placer.ai CEO and Co-Founder, Noam Ben Zvi. “After launching our world-class mobile analytics platform in November 2018 and closing Series C at $100M in January 2022, we’re on our way toward offering a full market intelligence platform. We are so excited to be a part of JINYA’s journey as they grow their brand across the country. We hope to provide instant and helpful location analytics in order to build a successful future.”

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