JBT Corporation, a global supplier of innovative systems for food and drink processors, will be speaking at events for juice companies in five Latin American countries to highlight sustainable solutions that can increase profitability and reduce wastage.

The company is taking part in this month’s International Fruit & Vegetable Juice Association (IFU) Latin America Tour, which has been organized in conjunction with German juice safety certifier SGF International and takes place in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Mexico from March 7-17. 

JBT, which is also sponsoring the tour, will be speaking at each event to draw attention to products and innovations developed by the company that can help juice processors become more sustainable and recover by-products and ingredients that would otherwise be lost.

Januário Soligon, JBT’s regional sales and marketing manager for South America, explained that the talks, which would focus largely on citrus juice processing, would be headed by representatives from each country and would feature product developments and information connected to sustainability.

“We will be talking about sustainability and the ways in which equipment that JBT has developed can add value for fruit juice processors,” he says. 

“For example, we have a system called READYGo d-LIMONENE, which recovers d-limonene—an extract from citrus peel—from wastewater after it has been used for processing.” 

d-Limonene, which has a range of uses from ingredient for cosmetic products to component for cleaning liquids, can deliver additional potential earnings for citrus companies that would otherwise go down the drain, Soligon adds.

For more information, please visit www.jbtcorporation.com.

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