Yusho, the Japanese-inspired grill and noodle house by renowned Chicago chef Matthias Merges, will make its Las Vegas debut at Monte Carlo Resort & Casino in April.

The menu includes varieties of fresh seafood, poultry, meats, and vegetables, cooked-to-order over a chattering fire, along with housemade pickled vegetables, noodles, and steamed buns.

The restaurant is part of a major transformation taking place at the resort, as the entire front facade is recreated into a gathering place where visitors can take in the city's robust sights, sounds, and flavors. In addition to Yusho, the new plaza features a variety of casual restaurants, bars, and eateries all opening this spring.  

The 250-seat venue, designed by Rachel Crowl of FC Studio, was inspired by vintage industrial spaces, anime, and Japanese ramen shacks. Tables strategically placed around the exposed kitchen area provide guests a front row seat to the culinary action, while cozy corners throughout the main dining room are available for those that desire a more intimate dining experience. The restaurant’s patio is a prime spot for people watching, while the bar area gives guests a close-up view of bartenders handcrafting cocktails or pouring a sake selection. Yusho will be open daily for dinner.

"My travels throughout Japan, Singapore, and mainland China inspired me to create a concept that expresses my personal interpretation of traditional Japanese cuisine,” says Merges. “I am delighted to introduce Yusho to the Las Vegas market and I believe the restaurant will fit in seamlessly with the culinary experiences in development at Monte Carlo, as well as appeal to guests and tourists from all over the world that visit the city."

The menu is broken down into five categories: Pickles and Relish, Noodles, Grilled + Fried, Steam Buns, and Sweets. Items include:

  • 2x Fried Chicken,made with fermented chili, green tea, and seasoned with a sprinkling of lime zest
  • Logan Poser Ramen, a robust soup featuring crispy pork shoulder croquette, poached egg, nori, and cucumber and created in response to a critique that anyone making ramen outside of Japan was a "poser"
  • Charred Octopus, grilled over an open flame and served with green beans, crisp enoki mushrooms, and topped with a light ponzu vinaigrette
  • Marinated Eggplant Steam Bun, filled with Japanese mint, plums, and broccoli
  • Doughnuts, sweet treats made with tofu, sweet potato, and a hint of rosemary
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