David Burke’s Primehouse, the celebrated modern steakhouse from celebrity chef David Burke at The James Chicago, has recently completed an exciting renovation to include the expanded Primehouse Bar. The Primehouse Bar boasts an updated look with a new menu created by Primehouse executive chef Rick Gresh, with a special focus on pairings.

With design overseen by James Beard Award-winning designer Thomas Schessler, the new bar features contemporary furniture with additional seating for a total of 24.  Gresh has created a unique dining experience for guests through an alternative menu, exclusively available at Primehouse Bar. The menu features a combination of updated Primehouse favorites and progressive offerings including innovative pairings, such as whiskey pairings from the local distillery, Koval, with an herbal cheese. 

Liberated Caviars | Pairings of signature Primehouse caviar creations and vodka

BLT $12 | with “bacon” salmon caviar, tomato crema, endive, lemon pepper crumb cake paired with tito’s vodka

Chips & Dip $11 | homemade “pringles”, yuzu tobiko caviar dip paired with tito’s vodka

Caviar Shot $18 | American hackleback caviar, chilled belvedere vodka, dry crème fraiche, crispy capers and pickled red onions

Spirited Cheese | Great American Cheeses Paired with Whiskey from Koval Distillery

Offered for $15 each or $10 per beverage and $5 per cheese

Chocolate & Oats | lions pride dark oat whiskey with chocolate goat cheese

  • The acid in the goat cheese combined with the chocolate pairs well with the dark oat.  It blends well together giving a nice balance between the different flavors

Herbal Sensation | Bierbrand beer schnaps with venus sheep & goat cheese blend

  • This is a pairing all about the herbal notes. The cheese actually brings out the hops to the forefront of the palette

Sweet & Rich | rose hip liquor with maple cheddar

  • This unique pairing is like eating a cheesecake


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