Visit iSi at NRA booth #7267 and watch baristas charge, shake, and serve nitro coffee and tea beverages the no-hassle iSi way. No tanks, no tubes, no taps. They are shaking up a storm with the revolutionary new handheld Nitro Whip and Nitro Charger system.

Nitro brew is one of the fastest growing trends in the coffee business and iSi is introducing the Nitro Whip Coffee System to help you maximize profits and personalize service in any size of operation. Cold brew sales have risen 80 percent over the past 12 months as consumers embrace the lower acidity and fuller flavor. Nitro adds a velvety texture making the taste smooth and creamy, while eliminating all bitterness. Many compare the experience to Guinness.

What is an iSi Nitro Whip Coffee System? A 32- ounce brushed stainless steel canister and N2 (nitrogen) Nitro Chargers.

How does it work? Fill the Nitro Whip bottle with cold brew coffee, charge with a genuine iSi Nitro Charger, shake, and serve. The Nitro Whip is the latest innovation from Austrian company, iSi. The new technology creates the perfect release of nitrogen gas into the cold brew coffee every time the brew is dispensed.

What are the advantages? The Nitro Whip Coffee system is a hassle-free, complete system. It does not require a separate nitrogen tank and a gas supplier, separate tubing, or a separate tap system. It’s a self-contained, easily portable system that allows for personalized tableside delivery of fresh nitro cold brew in any operation. “A beautiful cascading effect is released, and forms a thick creamy head, like a perfectly pulled beer,” explains Jeanette Brick, President iSi North America. Nitro tea can also be made with the Nitro whip system, increasing your menu options.” The canister’s 32-ounce size is easy to store yet large enough to contain multiple servings. So it’s ideal for restaurants and cafes that offer a small to medium number of nitro servings per week. “This makes nitro accessible to more operators who are not going to go through the trouble of installing and maintaining taps,” says Brick. The canister is stainless steel, and comes with a two-year warranty. It is ware washing safe and much easier to clean and maintain than a keg and tap system.

Where are the chargers made? In Austria. iSi GmbH, the parent company of iSi North America is the largest manufacturer of cream and food whippers, soda siphons, and their respective chargers. iSi manufactures all of its own chargers in its factory in Austria, unlike some of its competitors who are manufacturing theirs in Eastern Europe or Asia. iSi delivers high standards for cleanliness and for the purity of the gas, which meet HACCP certification, guarantee food safety, quality, and consistency in service. The chargers are made of extruded steel and are recyclable. The Nitro Whip has a regulator to manage how much gas goes into the coffee so it’s always safe and consistently performs.

“We are excited to be a part of the hottest new trend in coffee,” says Brick. “We are always looking for ways to make new menu items accessible and easy with our iSi gas technology. Our focus for the Nitro Whip Coffee system is safety, reliability, and ease of handling and I think we’ve hit a home run.”

Thousands of chefs around the world use iSi whippers and cream chargers to make espumas, sauces, soups, and desserts. Now they can embrace the iSi Nitro Whip and Nitro Charger system to make Nitro Brew Coffee an indispensable part of the coffee service in their restaurants.



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