Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, a Japanese master chef known for his innovative and signature style of cuisine, has opened his ramen and yakitori Izakaya concept, Momosan Ramen & Sake in Seattle. Located inside The Publix building at 504 5th Avenue South in Seattle’s International District, this energetic and casual dining experience features the Iron Chef’s signature take on Japanese ramen, grilled yakitori and Izakaya dishes, plus a diverse selection of premium sake, beer and spirits.

At Momosan Seattle, noodles are front and center, highlighting Chef Morimoto’s varieties of Japanese-style flavor forward ramen, ranging from a dense and silky tonkotsu to a lighter Tokyo chicken, as well as tsukemen, tan-tan, duck and butabara ramen options.  The menu also includes a variety of grilled dishes and Japanese bar snacks, all with Chef Morimoto’s signature twist, along with a selection of sushi.

Playful small Izakaya plates and appetizers take guests on a comfort food journey, including duck tacos, pan fried pork gyoza, soft shell bao, sticky ribs, spicy wonton in Szechuan sesame chili sauce, duck fat French fries, and seared jellyfish with yuzu soy. Over a dozen skewered and grilled yakitori items are also available, such as duck, salmon, shrimp, pork belly, chicken wing, corn and butabara asparagus.

The menu showcases a vast sake list, including a selection of Chef Morimoto’s signature sake and wine; an array of Japanese whiskey and shochu; cocktails such as Mango Matchashu (sake, mango puree, matcha) and Spiced Car (Iwai Mars whiskey, honey, yuzu); draft and bottled beer including classic Japanese style lager, three Morimoto signature beers in collaboration with Rogue Ales, and a local brew, Bodhizafa IPA.

The 110-seat, bi-level restaurant offers dining at the intimate ramen bar overlooking an open kitchen, for an up-close-and-personal culinary experience, along with individual and communal dining seating. Elaborate silver chandeliers hang over an expansive communal table at the upstairs bar, overlooking a shelf decorated with colorful Japanese toy collectibles, selected by Chef Morimoto himself.  Three of these shelves are placed throughout the restaurant, for a playful vibe.

Momosan Seattle is now open for dinner service nightly from 5pm-11pm, and will open for lunch service soon. The restaurant is first-come, first-served with a waiting list.

Momosan Seattle is Chef Morimoto’s third Momosan location. His first ramen shop opened in New York City in 2016, followed by his second Momosan shop in Waikiki Beach in May 2018. Chef Morimoto will open his fourth Momosan location in Brooklyn in 2020.

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