Savu is a new Fijian bottled water from an artesian aquifer in a protected rainforest in the Namosi Highlands, within the archipelago’s Viti Levu island. What sets it apart in the premium bottled water category is its soft neutral taste and feel, resulting from a mineral profile that water develops as it slowly makes its way from pristine rainwater to the artesian aquifer located deep underground in the tropical Fijian rainforest.

As the water filters through the rocks to the aquifer, it naturally absorbs electrolytes, enriching it with minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The remote, protected Pacific Island source gives SAVU high silica levels, low minerality, and an exceptionally low nitrate level. SAVU is slightly alkaline with a typical pH of 7.8, an alkalinity that delivers a hint of sweetness that many connoisseurs find desirable in mineral water.

The water is carefully and sustainably extracted from its artesian aquifer, untouched by man, and bottled right at the source into high-quality polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles, deliberately chosen instead of glass bottles to eliminate the extreme amount of energy required to produce and ship glass bottles to such a remote location.

The bottles themselves and their caps are specially crafted to be fully recyclable and biodegradable, so should a bottle make its way to a landfill, it would biodegrade significantly faster than bottles from most other bottled water companies. Additionally, the certified-organic source is monitored on a daily basis and meets all FDA and AWBI standards.

SAVU is available in 330ml, 500ml bottles and specialty 1-liter bottles.

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