Here is a letter from ROAR:

“Dear Restaurant Industry Colleagues, Friends and Supporters,

The coronavirus has decimated the restaurant industry we love. We need relief from the government in order to have a chance to survive the pandemic. So far, independent restaurants have been ignored by lawmakers. To change that, and to make our voices heard, we have united in one group, ROAR (Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants).

ROAR has created a petition to be signed by our industry as a collective so that we have places to eat, share, and gather once this pandemic is over. We will give the petition to city, state and federal officials to drive effective structural solutions. 

Today, please sign the petition on Change.Org. With your help, we can ROAR. With your help we can be heard. With your help with can save an industry.  Please pass this message along to your industry contacts.

with gratitude + be well

#ROAR #toosmalltofail

Note: If the link takes you to the homepage – go to the three lines on the top right, tap search, enter “ROAR (Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants” in search to come to our page.

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