Sometimes, saving money on a water cooler and fountain installation isn’t really a savings at all. Schools can learn this the hard way when they accept a bid that’s a few pennies lower per unit—then end up paying big money for repairs when things start to break.

OASIS International manufactures a wide range of vandal-resistant coolers, fountains, and bottle fillers designed with rough use in mind. They have the added strength needed to stand up to abuse from students or other members of the public.

Face it, people can be hard on water coolers and fountains. Sometimes it’s carelessness. Sometimes it’s the boisterousness of youth. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s malicious. Repairs and replacements can number in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

OASIS vandal-resistant options are available across multiple product lines including VersaCooler II, Radii fountains, and heavy-duty on-wall fountains. Many include bi-level and bottle filler configurations, as well as refrigerated and non-refrigerated options.

Features can vary slightly, but most OASIS vandal-resistant coolers and fountains include a cabinet and basin made of 14-gauge stainless steel with a heavy-duty galvanized frame, and a single vandal-resistant push button to activate the flow of water. Galvanized steel screens prevent objects from being inserted into ventilation panels or the underside. Most also include a one-piece, low-flow bubbler that is chrome-plated solid construction and keyed into place to prevent vandalism. Standard models include a vandal-resistant bubbler with a flexible guard.

In addition to their vandal-resistant properties, products also come with favorite OASIS features like 100-micron strainers, and lead-free materials and construction.

These units are a popular choice with schools because the extra strength and reinforced components hold up well against daily interactions with children who either don’t know their own strength or who could use a trip to the principal’s office. They also work well at universities, parks, shopping centers, and correctional facilities.

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