Perdue Foodservice announced that 100 percent of the PERDUE Turkey line will now be part of their NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER portfolio. PERDUE Turkey product offerings include a wide range of roasts—from premium pan roasts and raw roasts to oven-roasted turkey breasts—as well as sliced meats, burgers, franks, sausages, and breakfast meats. 

“The NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER distinction is very important to us,” says Chairman Jim Perdue. “The claim is transparent and absolutely clear: no antibiotics of any kind, at any time.”

The entire Perdue Foodservice turkey portfolio is now NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER, a significant first in foodservice. Continuing to lead the way in removing antibiotics from poultry, Perdue Foodservice now offers more than 150 NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER chicken and turkey foodservice products to operators across the country. As with the company’s NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER chicken products, the newly converted PERDUE Turkey products are fed an all-vegetarian diet, with no animal by-products. 

“When it comes to antibiotic use, we find that consumers have many of the same concerns when they dine out as when they shop for their families,” adds Doug Wickman, vice-president of foodservice sales and marketing at Perdue. “Converting the entire PERDUE Turkey line to NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER is the latest step in helping operators meet demand for premium protein raised without antibiotics.”

“It’s great to see so many foodservice operators interested in reducing or eliminating meat raised with antibiotics from their menus, but many of them are planning to do this at some point in the future,” says Wickman. “Perdue Foodservice NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER chicken and turkey is available now, and with the absolute promise of zero antibiotic use. This is something operators can menu right now.” 

Perdue has been transforming both the foodservice and retail markets by making these products readily available. “When dining out or shopping for their families, consumers are showing a clear preference for NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER products,” says Eric Christianson, Perdue’s senior vice president of marketing and innovation. “Through our leadership in raising animals without any antibiotics, we’re making sure consumers don’t have to wait to get what they want.”

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