Alto-Shaam will soon release its newest line of rotisserie ovens designed to make life easier for deli and other foodservice operators while decreasing cooking times.


The new rotisserie ovens cook up to 21 3-1/2 pound chickens and will have several time-saving options, including:


Automatic cleaning

Automatic grease collection

Touchscreen controls


The automatic self-cleaning rotisserie features a patent-pending water jet design to handle the toughest grease collection while minimizing water use. The eco-friendly cleaning system uses 35% less water than competitive models and has no moving parts, which increases reliability and reduces maintenance costs. Options include hands-free liquid injection or tablet-style cleaner.

The grease collection system is automatically activated during the cooking process to pump grease into a separate collection container for safe handling and disposal. This feature comes standard with the self-cleaning rotisserie oven to save labor and improve safety by eliminating manual lifting and carrying grease collection pans.

“Rotisseries are difficult and time consuming to clean. Handling grease manually is difficult and is a potential safety hazard,” says Robert Simmelink, Alto-Shaam corporate executive chef.

“That’s why we developed a rotisserie oven that solved those challenges while saving labor, cooking faster and reducing water and energy use. Operators no longer have to worry about spilling hot grease on their hands, arms and body because the grease is automatically pumped to the grease collection jugs and then rolled away for easy disposal.”

The rotisserie oven increases flexibility and cooks each load faster, using 20 percent less electricity. The convection heat combined with radiant heating provides even cooking and uniform browning. The double pane glass door keeps heat in the oven and is cool to the touch outside the oven.

The innovative touchscreen control allows operators to set the perfect cooking environment for the ideal finish. Operators can create their own recipe programs, including four cooking stages, and seven browning levels for the perfect level of crispiness. The rotisserie includes recipe storage and picture-based icons for easy identification.

The rotisserie ovens also provide an easier way to collect HACCP data with the ability to download the oven’s cooking temperatures and times onto a USB drive.

Designed for the front of house operations, the attractive styling includes the choice of stainless steel, black or burgundy colors. Door options include reach-in or pass-through and flat or curved glass. A ventless hood is available to operate the rotisserie outside of a traditional kitchen hood.

The Alto-Shaam rotisserie oven stands alone or can be included in a full system package to cook, hold, merchandise and chill rotisserie chickens and more.

“We work with our customers to determine the best solution for their needs based on sales projections, food they are holding, and packaging type,” says Simmelink. “Unique equipment system solutions are tailored with innovative products that exceed their expectations.”

To learn more, stop by NAFEM booth #2200.

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