The best just got better today, with the global launch of the new iSi Professional Charger, delivering up to 20 percent more portions for whipped foods, resulting in up to 20 percent savings on ingredients without sacrificing quality or taste.

“We are extremely excited to offer this new capacity charger to our customers,” says Jeanette Brick, VP Sales & Marketing for iSi North America.  “The math does not lie. A café using a quart sized iSi Whipper to top 30 coffee drinks with 2oz. of whipped cream, will now be able to top 36 beverages using the new iSi Professional Charger. And now, non-dairy foods can be whipped up with better results using iSi Professional chargers too.”

The increase in portions also reduces calories and fat per serving. This is particularly significant for chain restaurants and their calorie count listing. “This shows the restaurant is caring about its customers and what’s on their menu,” comments Brick. “The idea of farm-to-table has expanded into recognizing healthy food preparations, and we see restaurants striving to improve the health consciousness of their menus. They want to avoid processed foods.”

Better still, iSi Professional Chargers enable the whippers to whip a greater range of products, such as lower fat creams that often cost less; or non-dairy coconut creams, popular among vegan customers.

Will switching to Professional Chargers require an additional investment?  Absolutely not! New iSi Professional Chargers are used with the iSi whippers foodservice professionals already own and love; and now they deliver even more value per food dollar.

iSi whippers are used by ice cream shops, cafés, restaurants, and pastry chefs for topping coffee and deserts. But at least half the users fall into the modernist cuisine camp that have discovered an amazing array of creative applications at their fingertips. Chefs make light and fluffy espumas, sweet and savory creams, soups, desserts, and sauces; while Mixologists have found the perfect tool for rapid infusions and cocktail toppings.

Refresher: An iSi (pronounced “E-C”) whipper is a stainless steel canister with accessories for dispensing whipped foods, or for creating rapid infusions. An iSi Professional charger (N20) introduces the exact amount of gas needed to whip up foods such as fresh whipped cream and espumas.

The new iSi Professional Charger will be showcased at the National Restaurant Association 2016 Show. Star chefs will be demonstrating their artistry with the new iSi Professional Chargers throughout the day. Expect Chef Aaron Lirette of GreenRiver, Chef Ashley Simone of Maison Cuisine, and Mixologist, Al Klopper, of FIG Catering to wow you with their imaginative creations.

For more information, please visit the website at www.isiprochargers.comor

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