People always say think outside a box, and here’s an idea that is without a box to start with. What else can restaurant and bar owners offer to their customers without using up too much additional resources?

That is what Mitsubishi Electric have in mind when the new SelFone Wireless Print Station was developed. It is a self-contained printer system that works as a marketing tool using someone’s mobile phone. It allows quick and easy printing of photos directly from most recent versions of iPhone or Android smart phones.  The main objective of the SelFone Wireless Print Station is to enable restaurant or bar owners and event organizers with no photographic expertise to offer a photo printing station that prints out customers’ selfies with coupons detailing  marketing and/or promotional messages attached.  Restaurant and bar customers celebrate in these venues and they take pictures using their mobile phones.  Wouldn’t it be fun for them to be able to print and share them right then and there, while the restaurant offer use the photos printed as the vehicle for their marketing message?

Unlike most Wi-Fi based photo printing, the new Mitsubishi Electric SelFone Wireless Print Station is super easy to use and does not need internet subscription or downloading of any apps.  It simply creates a peer-to-peer hot spot, directly accessible from the WiFi settings of  most smartphones or tablets running recent versions of iOS or Android without the need for Internet connection or downloading apps.  Simply connect to the hot spot broadcasted by the SelFone Wireless Print Station, and one’s phone screen will get directed from their phone’s web browser into a web app that let them take new photos or select photos from their photo galleries to print. All these directly from their device—No internet required, no app to download.

The Mitsubishi Electric SelFone Wireless Print Station is a compact and self-contained, comprising of a small Linux computer attached to the back of aMitsubishi Electric CP-D90DW instant photo printer. Owners have a wide range of customizable options available, such as creating a custom Wi-Fi SSID name (i.e., the restaurant, bar or the event’s name) and choosing the print size, format (ie templates and borders) and print quantity. 

The Mitsubishi SelFone Wireless Print Station works as a standalone print station for mobile phone photos with no additional computers or cameras needed.  Occupying a foot print of about a square foot, it can sit under, above, or behind a counter.  Perfect for restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies, cruise ships, and retail store environment where patrons will be taking selfies and have fun photo opportunities and prints. 

Imagine someone celebrating a birthday, graduation or a promotion in your restaurant, and being able to print the photos of that celebration right after they shot it. And the restaurant or the sponsoring establishment can use the printed photo as marketing tool by printing promotional or marketing messages on perforated coupons attached to the photo. The customers will then have a coupon that they would surely keep and retain.

With the compact SelFone Wireless Print Station from Mitsubishi Electric, new marketing and promotional ideas are virtually endless.

No matter what the occasion is, everyone already takes a lot photos that are merely stored in their mobile phones or the cloud.  What’s new now is they can print these photos wirelessly in your establishment, right from their phones, and share them instantly with each other without having to pass their phones around or go thru the hassles of sharing photos electronically. 

The self-contained Mitsubishi SelFone WiFi Photo Print Station is available for $1,399.  Printed media with perforated coupons comes in a box of two rolls of ink and paper, totaling 800 pieces  of 4×6” prints per box, costing only $179, that’s less than a quarter per printed photo and coupon.  For more information, please visit

Mitsubishi SelFone Wireless Print Station comes with a 3-year limited warranty on parts and labor. Terms and conditions apply. 

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