Max Packaging has officially introduced their second generation Max Stax cutlery dispenser. Previously released with limited availability, this all new dispenser is now ready for sale through their nationwide network of authorized distributors. Utilizing the latest in modern design, this product focuses on sanitary operation and convenience features.

Max Stax was designed from conception to improve sanitary operation. Minimizing touch points was quickly identified as one of the best ways to reduce the spread of germs. Max Stax addresses this by using a new touchless dispensing system

that foregoes levers or trays. A sealed cutlery bag was also implemented to ensure the dispenser can be loaded without needing to touch the cutlery itself. These two innovations ensure only the customer needs to touch the cutlery they will use.

Many convenience features were also designed to improve use:  

  • Easy to read refill indicators
  • Quick loading cutlery bags
  • Up to 375 count cutlery capacity
  • No batteries or electronics
  • Included tabletop and wall mount
  • Choose any three combo of fork, knife, or spoon

Please note that Max Stax dispensers and supporting products are only sold through authorized Max Packaging distributors.

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