Untethered payment terminals have allowed merchants of all sizes, whether a restaurant, retailer, food truck operator, or an artist working a craft fair, to bring the cash register to the customer and facilitate faster check-outs and a better service experience.

The L7 Case is designed to create a roaming sales terminal that seamlessly combines an iPad 2/3 Mini and Square Contactless + Chip Reader. The case features an easy-to grip backside for convenient one handed use, as well as reliefs for all charging points and the Square magstripe reader. The L7 Case is priced at $99.00 and is available now for pre-order at L7Case.com.

The L7 Case brings the sales terminal to the consumer and eliminates the back and forth pathway of servers and sales associates with fixed terminals. Made of TPU and polycarbonate material, the L7 Case is both sleek and durable for all-day, everyday use in the toughest retail, foodservice and mobile environments. The L7 Case features:

Designed for easy integration of the Square Contactless + Chip Reader

Fits all iPad 2/3 Mini & Square products

Ergonomic and light allowing the most flexible payment solution

Soft housing for your device and hard poly-carbonate back cover

“Whether accepting electronic payments tableside in a restaurant, the store aisle, or at a pop-up store, untethered payments satisfy consumer expectations for mobility and immediacy,” says Tim Boyd, Founder and CEO at L7 Case. “Working with Square was an obvious choice. Square has been a leader in helping merchants make point of sale an experience that enhances their brand and boosts customer satisfaction.”

L7Case.com helps businesses cut the payment cord and take card payments anywhere. The company is passionate about technical innovation, product design and customer service. www.L7case.com.

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