Disposing of used menstrual care products in a public restroom isn’t pleasant for anyone—not the individual, the owner, or the janitorial staff. HOSPECO is taking the frustration out of this little-discussed yet vitally important function with Scensibles personal disposal bags. Install a dispenser in the restroom, and users have access to a discreet, scented, opaque plastic bag to discard used pads, tampons, applicators, and wipes. Each Scensibles disposal bag ties into a neat, self-contained bundle that’s ideal for safe and sanitary disposal.

Scensibles personal disposal bags reduce germs, virtually eliminate unpleasant odors, and protect janitorial staff and customers from ever coming in contact with blood-borne pathogens. Their ease of use also goes a long way toward promoting compliance with “do not flush” rules. This reduces costly repairs to plumbing caused by improper disposal of menstrual care products.

Add HOSPECO’s Scensibles liner bags—with a pleasant fresh fragrance—to any menstrual waste receptacle and cleanup becomes even easier. The Scensibles line specifically addresses safe and sanitary disposal of menstrual care products and includes personal disposal bags, dispensers for the Scensibles personal disposal bag refills, combination receptacles that also dispense Scensibles personal disposal bags and a complete line of poly liners designed to accommodate and properly fit any size receptacle.

As the leader in the manufacture and sale of vended menstrual care products, HOSPECO’s portfolio completes the well-appointed public restroom, whether they are located in restaurants, schools and universities, hotels and resorts, stores, offices, or government buildings.

HOSPECO also offers a full line of cleaning and protection products to serve the janitorial, industrial supply, foodservice, healthcare and hospitality markets. Learn more at www.hospeco.com.

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