Unified Brands, a leading manufacturer of foodservice equipment, demonstrated its Groen Vortex 100 connectionless steamer (model VRC-6E) last month at the 2017 National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) show in Chicago. The steamer, which now features a condensate hood in addition to a water reservoir for stand-alone steaming, offers a versatile solution for heating products merchandised on roller grills more quickly.

“If a roller grill runs out of product at peak times, it can take up to 15 minutes for additional product to reach the proper temperature and be available for sale,” says Clay Thames, Product Line Director – Cooking & Warewash for Unified Brands. “The Groen Vortex 100 brings hot dogs, sausage links and other items up to temperature before they reach the roller grill, recouping thousands of dollars in lost annual revenue that can result from just five lost sales a day.”

The Vortex 100 steamer provides a variety of benefits, including:

Versatile, stand-alone operation: The Vortex® 100’s electric heated water reservoir means the steamer does not need to be located near a water supply connection. The new condensate cap eliminates the need for a separate vapor enclosure or exhaust hood, which is required by many municipalities. These two features, combined with the unit’s narrow footprint, allow foodservice operations to locate the steamer anywhere in the kitchen.

Efficient, uniform heating: A powerful side-mounted convection fan increases steam velocity and provides efficient, even steam distribution throughout the interior compartment and between loaded pans. A hidden magnetic door switch cuts power to the fan when the door is opened.

Quick start-up: The Vortex® 100 is ready to steam within 15-20 minutes from a cold start and keeps the compartment warm and ready for instant steam between loads.

For more information about Unified Brands and the Groen Vortex® 100 steamer, please call Kellie Wood at 888-994-7636 or visit http://www.unifiedbrands.net.

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