New Grassland 50/50 Clarified Butter with Vegetable Oil has been created with foodservice needs in mind. Formulated with World Champion Wisconsin-made butter and soybeans, the resulting product has a high smoke point and a lower melting point than conventional clarified butter. It offers the quality, performance, and creative latitude that commercial foodservice operations demand. That’s why cooking with Grassland 50/50 Clarified Butter with Vegetable Oil appeals as much to the quality-conscious as it does to the cost-conscious. It provides the rich flavor and texture of butter with added performance advantages that allow sauces to maintain their quality over longer periods of time without breaking down or becoming watery.

For foodservice kitchens, Grassland 50/50 Clarified Butter is a versatile ingredient for casual dining and fine dining alike. Use it for everything from consistently luxurious Hollandaise and Béarnaise sauces to richly flavored, breaded chicken recipes, sautéed potatoes, crab cakes and more. Grassland 50/50 Clarified Butter with Vegetable Oil is also ideal for finishing classic steaks, chops, and seafood entrees. Executive chef Justin Carlisle of Umami Moto in Milwaukee says, “Grassland 50/50 is a great alternative to the pure clarified. It works great in stabilizing emulsified sauces and still keeps that true butter flavor. It also has a higher smoking point than pure clarified. The 50/50 blend is a good all-around workhorse in a large production facility.”

You’ll appreciate its convenience for globally inspired recipes including Indian classics, roasted vegetables, and desserts. Add the flavor and richness of butter to your favorite recipes while taking advantage of the consistency and convenience offered by Grassland 50/50 Clarified Butter with Vegetable Oil. It is packaged for foodservice in eight-pound tubs, sold two per case.

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