Meet EchoBlade, the decorative acoustic baffles designed by Kirei to refresh and redefine traditional T-Grid ceilings in any environment.

These blades install easily and break up the monotony of lifeless ceiling tiles by introducing creative outlines, vibrant colors and functional acoustics. EchoBlade also provides movement, definition and wayfinding in larger spaces with its color, dimension and motion. EchoBlade is available in six different styles—Swoop, Vines, Tiny Bubbles, Long Wave, Rockies and Gears—in a variety of 20 colors with the ability to customize your own creation.

EchoPanel is responsibly sourced and made from recycled PET materials to qualify for LEED credits and other green building or sustainability certifications. EchoBlade hardware includes both magnetic and T-Grid installation options. Standard blade lengths are 23” or 47” with a 12mm thickness; the actual depth varies per blade. 

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