From June 17–24, 2013, International House will celebrate the advent of sultry summer with the signature reverence and Voodoo intrigue found only in New Orleans. A local institution in this Northernmost Caribbean city, the hotel observes Saint John’s Eve on June 24th, the eve of John the Baptist’s nativity which was six months prior to the birth of Jesus. As always in New Orleans, a meaningful cocktail is created to whet the experience.

International House stokes New Orleans' spiritual essence, inventively curating seven of this city's rituals throughout the year as a way of sharing with locals and visitors alike an authentic and fascinating reflection of this very unusual city's soul.  Each year at this time, Glassman erects an Altar in the lobby to mark the occasion, it’s devoted to the two “nations” of divine spirits or “loa,” the magical, fiery Petro and the gentler, cooler Rada. New this year, however, Loa bar's creative director and self-titled "Spirit Handler" Alan Walter has enlisted the assistance of Glassman to create a beautifully bottled elixir called "John's Way." This libation is intended as a handmaiden to the reinvigoration of personal energies, a fresh spiritual start and heralds a New Way with "life unending."

John’s Way employs “seven waters” which maximize the healing properties of: Aguardiente, an Anise and Sugarcane Spirit (translates as "firewater"), Genapi, a rare Alpine Liqueur flavored with Wormwood Blossoms, Kümmel (a spirit infused with Caraway,) Spanish Moss, Jasmine, Sweet Olive, and other herbs.  The bottle has a lovely custom label that includes instructions for a private ceremony to heighten the potion's effects.  It even comes with a tiny gris-gris bag attached, along with a candle hand-painted with Marie Laveau's personal ensignia. Starting on July 17 and with great reverence, International House and loa will offer just twenty-four bottles of Walter’s elixir, signifying the spiritual day.  The bottle tops out at seven ounces and is a keepsake.


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