While tasting menus at top-notch restaurants across the country provide diners with a unique, inclusive dining experience, they often come at luxury prices. However, one restaurant in Chicago is rolling out high quality, innovative cuisine for an excellent value. At iNG restaurant, the pricing model makes for an accessible option for diners looking for a high quality menu that won’t break the bank.

Chef Homaro Cantu has developed a nostalgic lineup of favorite childhood items with iNG’s current Wonder Years menu at great prices. All tasting menus come with drink pairings as well as the miracle berry—a tablet that turns sour and bitter flavors sweet, making for a flavor-tripping experience. Diners can choose from the three-course tasting for $50, the six-course tasting for $85 or the ten-course tasting for $105.

The Wonders Year Menu consists of heartwarming dishes including a duck and sourdough waffle version of chicken and waffles, an Almond Joy dessert, alphabet soup, and root beer floats. Cantu explains his creative process and details of some of the Wonder Years dishes in his latest CookiNG under PRESSURE video. The Wonder Years Menu is available through June 1st, after which Cantu will announce a new menu for the summer.

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