The National Restaurant Association applauded Apple’s development of mobile payments technologies unveiled yesterday as part of the new iPhone 6 and iWatch.

“We are excited to learn more about the mobile payments technologies included on Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iWatch introduced today, and the value proposition they present for restaurant operators and guests,” says Phil Kafarakis, chief innovation and member advancement officer for the National Restaurant Association. 

“Mobile payments offer an efficient, convenient, less costly, and more secure method of payment for both consumers and restaurateurs," he adds. "With Apple’s entry into the space, the technology is now at its critical tipping point for widespread adoption.”   

The National Restaurant Association is taking the lead with its annual Restaurant Innovation Summit to bring restaurant and foodservice professionals together with technology industry leaders on hospitality, customer engagement, and back-of-the-house productivity strategies. This year’s summit will be in Atlanta on Oct. 28-29, and has a panel on mobile payment technologies, during which representatives from major mobile payment providers will discuss in depth the technology, landscape, and adoption strategies.

NCR Corporation, the consumer transaction technologies company, also announced that it will help industries integrate Apple Pay, which provides customers with an easy, secure, and private method of payment.

NCR will help enable its customers’ ability to integrate and accept Apple Pay, the highly secure form of payment, through brick-and-mortar channels using traditional POS, and through mobile commerce channels using mobile device apps, and, perhaps most importantly, the intersections between those POS systems and mobile apps.

“With Apple Pay, Apple has transformed mobile payments and will have an impact on the industry like never before," says Jimmy Fortuna, vice president of product development and chief technology officer, NCR Hospitality. 

"We are thrilled to be working closely with Apple to help retail and hospitality customers integrate this new method of payment into their operations, providing an easy, safe, and secure way to pay with a single touch. We believe Apple Pay and Apple’s extraordinary reach among consumers will further enable NCR to create business-transforming innovations for our customers.”

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