Back Bar USA is now the exclusive distributor for Incentient’s SmartCellar wireless systems throughout Nevada and Atlantic City, New Jersey. The timing of the announcement coincides with the kickoff of two industry events: Nightclub & Bar Convention and VIBE (Very Important Beverage Executives).

Incentient is the New York-based company creating and maintaining visionary hardware and software solutions to unite clients with their customers. Back Bar USA is the Las Vegas-based full service, non-traditional marketing and consulting firm with more than 30 years experience in the wine and spirits industry. 

With this new distribution agreement, Back Bar USA becomes the only authorized distributor of Incentient’s products to hospitality and food and beverage clients in Nevada and Atlantic City. 

Incentient is the worldwide leader in touch-screen interactive menus via its SmartCellar system.  Available across all Apple iPad versions, including the iPad 3, restaurateurs and sommeliers replace their printed menus, wine lists, and event information with custom designed applications presented on touch-screen devices. SmartCellar is installed in restaurants, hotels, and stadiums in 16 countries.

“We recognize the industry commitment and proven track record of Back Bar USA in developing creative marketing solutions in Nevada and Atlantic City, and we look forward to working together to further expand the success of Incentient solutions,” says Patrick Martucci, chief executive officer, Incentient. 

“We are highly selective in who we authorize as distributors and other than Incentient direct sales, Back Bar USA is our only distribution partner in Nevada and Atlantic City, demonstrating our confidence in their ability.”

“Strategic alliances such as this are what differentiate Back Bar USA from competitors,” says Tim Haughinberry, chief executive officer, Back Bar USA. “With the global presence and reach that Incentient has with the finest establishments, venues, and restaurants, we’re confident this will be a successful venture not only for us, but also every customer we reach.”

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