Impossible Foods, maker of the Impossible Burger, announced a first-of-its-kind partnership with DoorDash, the nation’s largest on-demand destination for door-to-door delivery. DoorDash has created a custom cuisine carousel featuring merchants that offer Impossible menu items in select US cities including San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, D.C., Detroit, Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Dallas, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Orlando, Houston, Pittsburgh, Bellevue, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Central Illinois — powering the discovery of even more delicious Impossible food.

DoorDash’s carousels provide discovery and education for customers looking to pair their cravings with comparable restaurants. This is the first time DoorDash has created a plant-based carousel, which will feature restaurants on the DoorDash platform that serve Impossible menu items. The partnership is celebrated with no delivery fees in participating markets for two weeks, from October 23 until November 5.

Using the carousel, customers can find all Impossible menu items in one place, showcasing the versatility of one of the most awarded plant-based meat products in the United States. Already, the Impossible Burger has taken DoorDash by storm–DoorDash customer searches for “impossible burger” have increased three times since January this year.

“DoorDash has been incredibly useful to our consumers looking for the latest and best Impossible dish in their town,” says Heather Huestis, Vice President of Marketing at Impossible Foods.  “We are excited to be partnering to make this process even easier.”

Customers can discover the Impossible carousel and receive $0 delivery fees on their first Impossible delivery when they order within the DoorDash platform at or download the app for Android or iOS. 

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