For more than 60 years, Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment has been over-delivering on its promise to manufacture high quality, premium cooking equipment for restaurants and chefs. Today, the company continues to refine its commitment to quality with the introduction of its Pro Series Griddle. Ideal for the high demands of a chain restaurant environment, the Pro Series Griddle is built with solid construction and features increased temperature accuracy.

The Pro Series Griddle is made with high carbon AR50 (Abrasion Resistant) plates, which are ideal for longer service life in harsh conditions and better heat transfer. In addition, there are three embedded RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) temperature sensing probes per burner placed within .125-inches from the top of the Pro Series Griddle. This ensures extremely accurate sensing, so food is cooked to the proper temperature throughout the entire griddle and harmful bacteria is eliminated.

Designed with heavy gauge stainless steel construction, sleek metal knobs, and a fully welded sub frame, the Pro Series Griddle combines professional design with smart technology. A digital temperature control lets the user adjust temperature levels, and each burner is individually controlled for higher product yields.

“We have been working closely with restaurants and chefs since 1957 and understand that a high-performance kitchen needs dependable, high-performance equipment,” says Peter Spenuzza. “The new Pro Series collection features intuitive technology and the products are built to last.”

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