Coronado Brewing Company is set to release its first Crown Series offering of 2016 with a bold new imperial—Imperial Blue Bridge Coffee Stout. Tow-row malt, roasted barley, and Guatemalan coffee come together to celebrate the beer's sweet chocolate and earthy flavors. It's packed with intense roast character yet smooth like a cold brew coffee. Staying true to the name, Coronado Brewing sources its beans from right under the blue bridge via hometown coffee shop, Café Moto. This winter seasonal is set to hit shelves January 4, both nationally and internationally.

The beer is 8 percent ABV with 45 IBU and packaged in 22-ounc bottles and drought. It uses Northern Brewer hops with Cal Ale yeast, and 2-Row, Crisp 45, Simpson R.B.m and Abbey malts.

Imperial Blue Bridge Coffee Stout will be available in 11 states and four countries: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. It will also go to the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Japan.

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