Repeat orders will tell you: the popularity of potato skin appetizers never wavers. Built from cost-effective ingredients and easy to assemble, potato skins can be customized to fit any operation and menu style.

Upscale—Lobster Potato Skins

Ethnic—Idaho Potato Rellena

Casual—Idaho Potato Baked Potato Pork Belly Pastrami

Steakhouse—Sizzling Steak Stuffed Potatoes

While prepping fresh potato skins for appetizers is always an option, operators with limited space and staff can select from a variety of processed Idaho potato skins available from suppliers. Processed Idaho potato skins can be customized to fit any menu or occasion. Signature toppings include sautéed vegetables, cheese, meats or poultry and chili. Garnishes range from gravy to pizza or taco toppings. Generate additional interest and participation with a do-it-yourself Idaho potato skin bar that allows customers to mix and match toppings.

In addition to their ready-to use frozen twice-baked and potato skins, processors will modify size and flavor profiles for volume orders. For more information on processed Idaho potatoes and processors, visit Browse the Idaho Potato Commission foodservice recipe database or download the Idaho Potato Commission Foodservice Toolkit at Also available on the site: a helpful size guide and Idaho potato preparation tips, as well as answers and solutions to operational and culinary FAQs.

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