HuHot Mongolian Grills, LLC announced the rollout of its new Learning Management System (LMS) called HuHub. The platform is powered by Wisetail, a Bozeman, Montana-based technology company. Goals behind the implementation of HuHub are numerous, but first and foremost HuHot hopes it culminates with an improved guest experience in their restaurants. 

The HuHub LMS includes all of the standard LMS features, such as online learning, testing and certifications, but differentiates itself from other standard systems with the additional capability to upload videos by restaurant staff thus allowing HuHot to elevate their ability to monitor, engage and validate great training practices in the restaurants. Jeff Martin, COO, is just as excited about the social component as he is the ability for HuHot to communicate directly with all of our employees.  He says, “Whether it’s our CEO giving a shout out to a deserving server or a dishwasher asking a question about the company, HuHub will go a long way in making our people a big part of the whole company each and every day. This level of engagement will provide a boost to job satisfaction, retention and ultimately, better operational execution.”

HuHub was fully developed in late 2016 and has been implemented in all of the company-owned locations for testing and vetting.  The task of implementing HuHub into all of the franchised locations will kick off at the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2017. The franchise ownership groups have expressed great interest and excitement to come on board.

HuHub is going to support efforts to continue to take great care of guests and introduce the concept into new markets across the country.

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