After successfully pivoting its business model with off-premises dining solutions and redesigning its prototype, Huddle House has begun 2021 with its sights set on new growth opportunities in the U.S. The restaurant concept, known for its small-town community connection and home-style cuisine is focusing its efforts on expanding its reach in the Southeastern region of the country.

After strategically evaluating market potential, the Huddle House team has successfully narrowed down their list to seven key states:

  • Alabama
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

“In an effort to reach our company goal of signing 20 new agreements in 2021, our team went to work to find the most advantageous markets where Huddle House can thrive and continue to serve the rural communities that are at the core of our brand,” says Jessica Ray, Director of Franchise Marketing for Huddle House. “With these optimal markets in view, we have begun to conduct outreach in specific towns in each state that we have deemed ready for a Huddle House to make its entrance. If an area has a strong sense of community connection and a desire for a place to connect with a neighbor over a hearty meal, then we feel confident that a restaurant there will succeed. We are excited for this new year of growth and to engage with new communities across the country.”

One of the Huddle House Franchise Development efforts that will continue early this year to encourage entrepreneurs in these areas is the brand’s updated Franchise Incentive Program. This opportunity running through March 31, 2021, offers interested partners a chance to join the Huddle House system at a discounted rate, making the process more accessible and affordable:

  • $0 Franchisee Fee if location opens on time
  • No royalty fees applied for the first year of operation, if location opens on time
  • New pick-up window prototype ready to build to optimize off-premise dining
  • Helps reduce investment costs
  • Offers new guest experience that is quick and convenient

With the introduction of a new prototype and optimized off-premise systems developed in 2020, the restaurant has swiftly adapted to the challenges the pandemic has brought for restaurant concepts. Due to these adjustments, the brand’s locations have continued to stand strong and resilient, proving that Huddle House continues to be a solid investment for entrepreneurs looking to diversify their portfolios and enter the restaurant industry.

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