In an effort to support communities during the COVID-19 crisis in any way possible, Huddle House announced a series of new initiatives including the “Huddle Market,” offering groceries such as bulk meat, produce and even toilet paper to customers, while at the same time introducing new Family Meals-To-Go, family-sized meals available for takeout, pickup and delivery.

“Our world has changed very quickly for all of us, both as members of our communities and as business owners, and we want to ease the impact of those changes for our customers in any way we can,” says Alison Glenn Delaney, CMO of Huddle House. “By offering needed staples like food and home products directly from our restaurants to customers, we’re doing what we can to support our communities, and the public will have a way to continue to show support for small businesses, as most of our restaurants are independently owned and operated. Meanwhile, our new Family Meals-To-Go will offer families a way to eat safely and easily at home, and get a break from having to cook, during this challenging time.”

Using the strength of the brand’s own supply chain distribution, Huddle House has rolled out “Huddle Market” at participating locations, and is selling a limited number of items, including bulk frozen meats such as cases of Huddle Burgers, bacon, ribeye steaks and chicken breasts, as well as staples such as paper towels, toilet paper, and ketchup, and fresh vegetables. These items are all being offered alongside the brand’s cooked-to-order homestyle meals available for takeout, including the new Family Meals-To-Go.

To help families under COVID-19 shelter-at-home mandates, Huddle House is committed to providing easy, safe options with its Family Meals-To-Go. The new family-sized meals offer some of the brand’s most popular breakfast and dinner entrees packaged, portioned and priced for families of four. All Family Meals-To-Go are being offered for 20 percent off through April 19.

“We are living through difficult times, but we are living through them together. One way we will make it through is by being there for one another, as small businesses and as people,” adds Glenn Delaney. “We hope that Huddle Market will be a useful resource for the communities we serve, and that families will appreciate being able to have dinner at home with Huddle House.”

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